Secure Messaging

Communicating with Health Services Staff HealthOnline's Secure Messaging

Communicating through Secure Messaging

Health Services uses secure messaging to provide a confidential and convenient way for us to communicate with each other regarding your health care. 

Secure messaging can be used by UNH students and employees. 

How Health Services will contact you?

When Health Services wants to share information regarding your healthcare or appointment information, we will send an e-Mail to your UNH e-Mail account stating the following:

  • Please log into the UNH Health Services web portal at to access a secure message sent to you regarding your healthcare.  This email account is not monitored and is used to send messages only.  Do not reply to this message.  
  • To access the message, you will need to click on the secure link “" and log into HealthOnline using your Blackboard username and password. Once you are logged in, click on “Messages.”

How you can contact Health Services?

You can reply to a secure message when one has been sent to you by a healthcare provider. If you would like to initiate a conversation with Health Services using Secure Messenger, log onto HealthOnline and click on “Messages” and choose “New Message.” You will then be prompted to select the clinical team that you would like to communicate with. If you do not remember the clinical team, please call (603) 862-WELL (9355) and someone can assist you. 

Are secure messages confidential?

Health Services staff considers confidentiality a primary concern. Secure messaging is private and secure and can only be accessed with your Blackboard user name and password. 

What is not shared over secure messaging?

Information related to substance abuse issues, mental health issues, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), test results (including HIV), among other things is not shared over secure messaging.

When can I expect a response to a secure message I send to Health Services?

You may expect a response to your secure message within two business days (not including weekends). Please call (603) 862-WELL (9355) if this is an urgent matter or you have not heard from us within this time frame. 

Secure messaging is not available during semester/spring break or during the summer. 


If you need to contact Health Services, please call (603) 862-WELL (9355) or email us a