Pathways to Peace: Anger Management Workbook, The

Fleeman, William
Hunter House
In 1998, William Fleeman founded the highly successful Pathways to Peace to provide violence prevention tools, skills, and programs that inspire individuals and communities to live together in harmony. This book shows that this program can transform anyone with an anger management problem. The author's experience is that people with anger problems use anger like a drug, to change feelings of powerlessness into feelings of power. This book helps people unlearn this destructive pattern through a cognitive/behavioral approach. Included are 18 anger management sessions with personal stories and questions. The sessions can be completed in 18 to 20 weeks or less. Chapters cover self-assessment, the eight steps to recovery, what to avoid, special methods and skills, life mission and spirituality, goals, forgiveness, and more - all geared to keeping anger under control. This is the official text for the acclaimed self-help anger management program used in schools, prisons, and drug/alcohol treatment centers today.