Gender and Psychology Reader, The

Clinch, Blythe McVicker and Julie Norem, Ed.
NYU Press
In The Gender and Psychology Reader, Blythe McVicker Clinchy and Julie K. Norem have culled through a diverse group of readings to provide a wide-ranging exploration of both progress made and problems encountered as psychologists grapple with gender. The volume includes both classic and contemporary readings, drawn from all branches of psychology-- social, developmental, personality, cognitive, history, physiological/biological--as well as from other disciplines, including sociology, philosophy, and anthropology. The essays cover a gamut of subjects including epistemological issues, the study of difference, the embodiment of gender, autonomy and connection in relationships, and clinical implications. A concluding chapter by the editors considers themes that can be traced through the different sections, gaps in current perspectives, and future directions. The Gender and Psychology Reader includes contributions from an array of distinguished scholars from varying methodological and disciplinary backgrounds. Among the contributors are Laurel Furumoto, Jeanne Marecek, Laura S. Brown, Anne Fausto- Sterling, Sandra Lipsitz Bem, Michelle Fine, Jospeh H. Pleck, J. G. Morawski, Daniel A. Hart, Barrie Thorne, and Aida Hurtado. Organized for easy use as either a primary or supplementary text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, The Gender and Psychology Reader will also serve as the essential reference for those in clinical practice interested in gender issues.