Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is living within your means and learn to manage your finances for the  short and long term.

Signs of Financial Wellness 

  • Learning how to manage your money and establishing a personal budget.
  • Not living beyond your means.
  • Learning to not let money be the driving force of your life.
  • Donate some of your money, if possible, to a cause you believe in.
  • Make a plan to pay back your student loans.
  • Not getting into credit card debt. Try to pay off the entire balance each month to avoid interest.
  • Thinking long term - set up a savings account.

Free Money Management Resource for UNH Students 

UNH Cash Course

CashCourse is a FREE financial management resource for UNH students, providing:

  • Financial Management Information
  • Tips for Money Management 
  • Interactive Tools
  • Worksheets
  • Calculators
CashCourse is provided by UNH Health Services and the Cooperative Extension. 

Financial Wellness Resources for College Students 

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Gambling and College Students - UNH Health Services



Breaking Budget?  Financial Wellness at UNH  

Request a Financial Wellness Program

Are You on the Right Cash Course?  Many college students have minimal skills in managing their money and debt. The CASH (Create a Savings Habit) program gives an excellent overview of budgeting, saving, credit card debt and money management. If you would like to request this financial wellness workshop, please click here

Talk to a Wellness Educator/Counselor

UNH students can make individual appointments with a wellness educator/counselor to discuss financial wellness. Call (603) 862-3823 or make an appointment online

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