Alcohol Free at UNH

Alcohol Free at UNH

Are UNH students really drinking and partying as much as you think they are? Sometimes how we perceive things is much different than what is really going on. This video answers the quetion we are all wondering "are UNH students really drinking as much as we think they are?"

Did You Know?

  • 25% of UNH students (that's 3,000 Wildcats) don't typically consume alcohol each week
  • 22% of UNH students (that's 2,540 Wildcats) don't use alcohol when they party 
  • 20% of UNH students (that's 2,400 Wildcats) have not used alcohol in the past 30 days
  • 15% of UNH students (that's 1,800 Wildcats) have never drank alcohol 
  • 7% of UNH students (that's 960 Wildcats) are in recovery 

According the 2013 UNH student survey. 

Choosing Not To Drink

Why Not Drink?

  • It's illegal if you are under 21 
  • Stay out of trouble with police and UNH's conduct system 
  • Stay safe
  • Stay in control
  • For religious/moral reasons
  • Previous bad experiences
  • Health reasons
  • Medication Interactions
  • Family history of Alcoholism

Tips for Choosing Not to Drink

  • Be consistent. It is easier for people to support you if you are consistent with your message and your approach.
  • Be willing and prepared to turn down drinks.
  • If comfortable, share your plan and feelings. People are less likely to offer you a drink if they know that you don't plan on drinking.
  • If comfortable, share your thoughts with others. You might find that a friend has similar feelings and you speaking up may give them the courage to not drink too.

Refusing a Drink

It can be tough to socialize with people when they're getting drunk and you're not. Sometimes, you may have to go home early to get away from heavily drinking partygoers, or stay away from altogether. But if you are in the mood to hang out, here's what to do so you don't feel pressured.  Obviously, the simplest thing to do is to tell anyone who cares to ask that you aren't drinking. However, you can be as creative as you want to be with excuses. Here are some alternatives:
IF SOMEONE SAYS: Hey, everybody, how about a round of Kamikazes shots?!!!
YOU COULD SAY: No thanks, last time I did those I puked up colors you’ve never seen before.

IF SOMEONE SAYS: C’mon, just have one beer!
YOU COULD SAY: I’d love to but I have a bet with someone to see how long I can go without drinking. ( you don’t have to tell them the bet is with yourself)

IF SOMEONE SAYS: Why aren’t you drinking?
YOU COULD SAY: I don’t drink… or …You should've seen me last night. Then you'd have the ugly answer to that question… or I’m taking the night off

Top 10 Refusal Skills 

  1. Make a joke. Sometimes humor is the best way to respond to a situation, as it can lighten a serious mood. It can also divert attention away from you and onto something else.
  2. Give a reason why it’s a bad idea. Maybe you don’t want to drink because you know someone who is an alcoholic and you can see how drinking has messed up their life. Backing up your refusal with evidence gives it more power.
  3. Make an excuse why you can’t. Maybe you have something else to do that will interfere. Or you have to be somewhere at a specific time. Say it and stick to it.
  4. Just say no, plainly and firmly. In some situations, just saying no without a lot of arguing and explaining is the best response. Just make sure you’re “no” is a strong and determined one.
  5. Suggest an alternative activity. Lots of students wind up doing stuff they shouldn’t because they lack other options. They’re bored. By thinking of something better to do, you’re offering everyone an “out.” You just might be surprised who might take you up on it.
  6. Ignore the suggestion. Pretend you didn’t hear it, and change the topic to something else. Act like you don’t think the idea was even worth discussing.
  7. Repeat yourself if necessary. Sometimes it takes more than once, on more than one occasion. Just because someone asks more than once, that doesn’t mean you have to cave.
  8. Leave the situation. If you don’t like where things are headed, you can take off. It might seem risky, but with you leading the way, other kids who really don’t want to do it either just may follow you.
  9. Thanks, but no thanks. You can be polite, but you still aren’t interested. It just isn’t something you’re into.
  10. The power of numbers. Make a pact with your friends to stick to your guns. Often, knowing that your friends will back you up can help you feel more comfortable being assertive. Sometimes “we” feels stronger than “I”.

More on drink refusal skills... 

Plan Ahead

  • What else is happening on campus?
  • If you are going to a party, bring your own drinks.
  • Speak up. If there is something you would like to see or do (on your floor, in your hall, or on campus) let people know.
  • Get involved in groups that share your interests.
  • Find friends who are supportive.

You Don't Need Alcohol to Have Fun

You could be a catalyst for change as others notice that you are having a good time without the negative consequences often associated with drinking.

How To Have Fun Without Drinking!

Whatever Your Reason, It's the Right Reason For You!

Don't worry about others. Most won’t notice or care if you don't drink.