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Cooking Simple Good Food

Cook your own food, and you’ll eat better for less money. But cooking may seem daunting if you’ve never tried it.

This book was created to help new cooks get started.
It assumes that:

  • You like to eat well.
  • You have no cooking experience.
  • You have very little kitchen equipment.
  • You’re a busy student, with limited time and money.

Here’s all you need to know about cooking, to use this book:

  1. Exact measurements aren’t usually important, unless you’re baking cakes. That’s why many of our recipes say things like“I can (~15 oz.)...”. This means if your can is a little bigger or a little smaller, don’t worry.
  2. There are two main ways to cook things on a stove:
    In a lot of water, or in a little oil.
    To cook things in water (or broth), turn the burner on high until the water bubbles rapidly (boils), then turn it down until the water barely bubbles (simmers), and cook according to directions.
    To cook things in oil, heat a small amount of oil in a nonstick pan. Never let oil smoke; that means it’s too hot. Cook accordng to directions.
  3. We’ve used a few common abbreviations. TBS. means Tablespoon (the largest measuring spoon) and tsp. means teaspoon. Oz. means ounce.

Beyond these basics, everything else is explained in the individual recipes. Go forth and eat well.