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Many talented individuals contributed to this book.

At UNH Health Services O.ce of Health Education and Promotion, I'd like to thank Lisa Dinsmore, MS, RD, LD, nutritionist and valued colleague, who was the original inspiration for this project. Thanks also to Kathleen Grace-Bishop and the rest of the staff (especially Katie and Corinne) for their continuing support, guidance and dedication to students. I also appreciate the contributions of OHEP's work-study students, especially Rebecca DeVoter and Jen Dalrymple, the talented artist who
designed our cover art. Thanks to Cheryl Proctor, a nutrition intern who did research for the book.

Thanks to the University of New Hampshire Parents' Association for believing in this project and awarding the grant that funded our work.

A special thanks to those who helped us test all the recipes. Charlie Caramahalis and the sta. at The Thompson School of Applied Science kindly let us use their kitchen facilities, and helped us with our cooking demonstrations. A great big thank you to Joanne Curran-Celentano's Food Fundamentals students - Megan Lee, Stephanie Sanborn, Kathryn Terry and Liana Bryanos - who willingly volunteered to make sure all the recipes were easy to cook and tasty.

Thanks also to everyone who submitted recipes for this cookbook. Even though I couldn't use them all, I appreciate the contributions of every one of you.

Most importantly, I am indebted to Cynthia Harriman for her expertise and steady guidance on this project. Cynthia, who teaches and writes about nutrition at, helped me concept the book, collected and tested recipes, and managed the layout and printing of the pages. Thankfully her contact with me has proven to be extremely fruitful and productive.

This was certainly a collaborative e.ort involving many university departments and individuals, and without their willingness to help, this resource would still be only a dream. Thank you all!

Suzanne Sonneborn, R.D., L.D., Nutrition Educator
University of New Hampshire O.ce of Health & Education Promotion
Health Services