Welcome to the website of the University of New Hampshire’s Graduate Student Senate! The Graduate Student Senate is the official voice of UNH's graduate student body. We advocate for graduate students and we are looking forward to working with you.

All degree-seeking graduate students are members of the GSS and are eligible to participate in all meetings and events.

The GSS meets every other Tuesday from 12:30 - 2:00 PM in the Memorial Union Building on the UNH campus in Durham.

site last updated 08 April 2014

What your Senate is doing for you...

Student Health Insurance Feedback

The committee tasked with selecting the student health insurance policy for next year will be meeting at the end of April. They are considering keeping the current plan unchanged, so we are encouraging everyone to reach out to their peers and constituents for feedback based on any experiences they might have had with the current plan. Anyone interested in sharing their experiences, they can contact GSS Vice President Joe Gilbert directly by Friday, April 18. He will of course guarantee anonymity and confidentiality.

Proposed changes to Policy on Misconduct in Scholarly Activity

The Student Affairs subcommittee of the Faculty Senate is reviewing some proposed changes to the policy on Misconduct in Scholarly Activity. The document and the proposed changes can be found HERE. Please take a few moments to review it, and we encourage you to pass along any questions or suggestions you might have to GSS Vice President Joe Gilbert. This policy has been being under review for the last two years, in an attempt to bring it closer in line with federal standards, and the goal is to differentiate between "everyday misconduct" of the type that would occur in normal coursework and would then fall under the purview of the Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities (SRRR) handbook, and misconduct in scholarly activity meant for publishing (ie. graduate theses, dissertations, and faculty publications), which entails a more rigorous review process and would be covered by this amended policy rather than the SRRR.

FY15 Mandatory Fees

Every year, the GSS undertakes a process to review the mandatory fees being assed to graduate students. Here you can find a summary of the proposed fees for FY15 and an explanation of what services they cover along with some motivation for proposed increases. You can also see the GSS's decision regarding each fee.
We strongly encourage you to also review the official letter that the GSS sent to the USNH Board of Trustees detailing our positions and concerns regarding the FY15 fees.

Committee work

Many of the important decisions that affect graduate students at UNH are made in administrative committees. The GSS represents graduate students on a multitude of these committees including the Central Budget Committee, the Faculty Senate, the Graduate Council, the President's Commissions on Inclusive Excellence, and many more. Any graduate student can serve as a liaison to a UNH committees and we are currently seeking representatives for several committee assignments. Serving on a committee is just one way that you can help your fellow grad students and gain service experience. Please visit our service opportunities page or contact us to find out more about how you can help.

Voter education

Support for higher education has become embroiled in political battles in the past few years. As the November election cycle approaches, the GSS is launching an initiative to inform our constituents of local, state, and federal candidates' stances on issues pertinent to higher education. Information on New Hampshire's new Voter ID Law, proposed bills relevant to higher education, and candidate's platforms can be found on our Voter Education page.

New GSS social events

Socials, hiking, UNH Homecoming, and more. Visit our events page or see our Google calendar below for all GSS events.

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Upcoming events...

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