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Welcome to the University of New Hampshire

We’re pleased that you’ve decided to check us out. We realize that coming to graduate school is a major life change – and some of you are coming from far away places to study here. If you feel lost, alienated, unhappy, or just want to talk with someone, please stop by our office or the Graduate School.

The GSS is also standing by to help you if you need it. Chances are that you’ve found this survival guide through our website, but just in case you didn’t, you can visit us at

If this is your first time using this survival guide, we strongly recommend that you start with the first section, which explains exactly what this guide is and isn’t, and outlines our vision for its use.

Good luck and happy reading!

Obligatory Disclaimer: The content contained herein is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Any opinions expressed are the solely the opinions of the contributing editors and may not reflect those of the Graduate Student Senate or the Graduate School.

Community Guide Table of Contents

1. What this guide will (and will not) do for you.
2. So you want to go to grad school? Things to think about...
3. Who’s who in the Graduate School.
4. Talking the talk -- glossary of local terms and phrases
5. OK, I’m here. Now what? Things to do during your first week on campus.
6. On-campus services -- what’s offered and where to find them.
7. Transportation and Parking
8. Housing
9. Tuition, fees and taxes -- general financial information
10. Need more money? Sources of additional funding...
11. Academics
12. UNH Student Organizations and Clubs
13. What to do for fun in New Hampshire (and New England)