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Graduate Course Catalog 2015-2016

Graduate School


Geospatial Science


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This program is offered in Durham.



Certificate Offered: Geospatial Science

To help meet the growing need to use geospatially referenced data to study and model scientific phenomena, the University of New Hampshire now offers a graduate certificate in geospatial science. This certificate focuses on the increased use of spatial thinking with relevant skills in methods and technologies that develop, analyze, and visualize geospatial data and will prepare students and professionals for work within this exciting multidisciplinary field of study.

Admission Requirements

Students must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Five courses as chosen from the categories listed below are required.  Courses taken at other institutions are not eligible to be transferred into the program. 

Certificate Requirements

The program of study required for the certificate consists of five courses and a total of 16 credit hours.

Course offerings and requirements are as follows: 

Elements of Geospatial Science (Core requirement)

Abbreviation Course Number Title
GSS   800   Elements of Geospacial Science  

Geographic Information Systems (One of the following)

Abbreviation Course Number Title
CIE   896   GIS in Water Resources  
GSS   805   Applied GIS for Research  
GSS/ESCI   807/895   GIS for Earth and Environmental Science  
NR   858   GIS for Community Mapping  
NR   860 *   GIS for Natural Resources  

Data Analysis (One of the following)

Abbreviation Course Number Title
BIOL   811   Applied Biostatistics II  
EOS   864 **   Data Analysis for Earth Systems Science  
MATH   836   Advanced Statistical Methods for Research  
MATH   839   Applied Regression Analysis  
MATH   944 **   Spatial Statistics  
SOC   901   Intermediate Social Statistics  

Electives (Two of the following)

Abbreviation Course Number Title
ESCI   895   Time Series Analysis  
EOS   864 **   Data Analysis for Earth Systems Science  
EOS   896   Remote Sensing for Earth Systems Research  
MATH   885   Mathematics for Geodesy  
MATH   944 **   Spatial Statistics  
NR   857   Remote Sensing of the Environment  
NR   859 **   Digital Image Processing  
NR   882   Monitoring Forest Health  
NR   912   Sampling Techniques  
OE/ ESCI   871   Geodesy and Positioning  
OE/ ESCI   885   Coastal Remote Sensing  
SOC   897   Sociological Methods – Survey Research  

Please note the following when selecting a course: 
       *    = Prerequisite needed   
       ** =  Math 944 or EOS 864 may be taken as an elective if not used to fulfill the Data Analysis Core  requirement.


Please visit the UNH Graduate School site for detailed instructions about applying to the certificate program. 



Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
GSS   800   Elements of Geospatial Science   4  
GSS   805   Applied Geographic Information Systems for Research   4