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Graduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

Graduate School


Spanish (SPAN)


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This program is offered in Durham.


Degree Offered: M.A.

The program in Spanish in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers a master of arts degree of Spanish with courses in the following areas: Topics in Second Language Acquisition, Pedagogy and Methodology; Topics in Hispanic Literature and Cultural Studies; and Topics in Hispanic Linguistics and Cultural Studies. The program also supports work in interdisciplinary Hispanic studies.

Admission Requirements

Applicants shall have received a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with an undergraduate major in Spanish or its equivalent. The personal statement for the graduate application should be written in Spanish. Two of the three letters of recommendation should come from current or former professors. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are not required.

Degree Requirements

To obtain the degree, the candidate must complete a minimum of 30 credits. To satisfy the course requirements, the candidate must successfully complete ten graduate courses, eight of which should be from the offerings of the Spanish program. Two of the ten courses can be taken in allied fields approved by the department. All candidates must take Spanish 901, a 3-credit course dealing with bibliography and methods of research. Preparation of a bibliographical essay in this course is the final requirement for graduation. Spanish 901 counts toward the ten courses required to complete the degree.

Typical Program Outline

 Year 1
Fall SPAN 901 Bibliography & Research Methods (continues until degree completion)
800-level courses from the 800-level course offerings (two)
997 Graduate Seminar (as available)
Spring 800-level courses from the 800-level course offerings (one or two)
997 Graduate Seminar (as available)
Summer 2 courses at an approved graduate level study-away summer program, or complete two courses in approved allied field courses
Year 2
Fall 800 courses from the 800 course offerings (one or two as needed)
997 Graduate Seminar (as needed

Examples of Past Seminar Titles

Econovels of Central America
Contemporary Spanish Literature
Second Language Acquisition: Technology
El Camino de Santiago
Cultures of Spain: Basque
Baroque Literature: Sor Juana
Latin American Lit. & the Border
Spanish Phonetics & Dialectology
Latin American Afro Caribbean Lit.
The Baroque: Siglo de Oro
Structure & Applied Linguistics
Baroque to Surrealism & Beyond
Spanish Sociolinguistics
Literatura comparada
Literatura y cultura argentinas
La nueva mirada del cine femenino español
Mood, Tense & Pronouns: Structure, Meanings, & Variation in Spanish Syntax
Literary & Cultural Trends of Contemporary Central America
Digital Media in Second Language Acquisition
The World of Salvador Dalí
Hispanic Literature and Culture in the Digital Age

Financial Aid

Applicants whose permanent residence is Maine or Vermont are eligible for the New England Regional Program for which tuition is assessed at the in-state New Hampshire rate plus 50%.

You may wish to visit the Financial Aid section of the Graduate School website for more information about graduate assistantships and other types of aid available to graduate students.