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Graduate Course Catalog 2015-2016

Graduate School


Plant Biology (PBIO)


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This program is offered in Durham.


Degrees Offered: M.S., Ph.D.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees in plant biology. Research opportunities are available in basic and applied areas of plant biology, including breeding and genetics, cell biology, cell and tissue culture, ecology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, marine and freshwater biology, morphology and anatomy, pathology, phycology, physiology, systematic botany, crop production, and environmental horticulture.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to have adequate preparation in plant biology and in the fundamentals of physical and biological sciences. They must submit current scores (within five years) from the general test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

M.S. Degree Requirements

Students will meet the Graduate School's requirements for the degree (minimum of 30 credits). Students will be required to write and defend a thesis (6-10 credits) based on field or laboratory research.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Students will complete a program of study as determined by their guidance committee. Students will be advanced to candidacy after successfully completing comprehensive written and oral qualifying examinations covering a broad basic knowledge of their major and minor fields and their ability to design and carry out basic research in plant biology. Candidates must successfully defend a dissertation based on original research in plant biology. 

Teaching Requirements

Teaching experience is required of all M.S. and Ph.D. degree students. The requirement may be fulfilled by enrolling in a supervised teaching course, by serving as a teaching assistant, or by having previous professional teaching experience.