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Graduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

Graduate School


College Teaching (GRAD)


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This program is offered in Durham.


Degree Offered: Cognate in College Teaching

Cognate in College Teaching: The Cognate in College Teaching is open to graduate students in a doctoral program or a terminal master’s degree program. 

Certificate Offered: College Teaching

Certificate in College Teaching: Certificate is open to current faculty members, post-docs, and doctoral students enrolled at institutions other than UNH.

The College Teaching Program prepares graduate students for academic teaching positions, and students are ready to teach in their field or discipline upon completion of program requirements. The transfer and relationship between theory and research and instructional practice is emphasized in all courses.

This is a University-wide program coordinated by the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School and involving the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning as well as faculty members from many fields and disciplines. Two academic programs are offered: the cognate in college teaching and the certificate in college teaching. 


Admission Requirements

Applicants to the cognate program must have completed one year in a doctoral program at UNH and have the support and recommendation of their doctoral program coordinator. 

Test Scores: None
New England Regional: No

Degree Requirements


Cognate in College Teaching Requirements

The Cognate in College Teaching offers a series of core and elective courses to prepare individuals to teach at institutions of higher education.  The Cognate is available to doctoral students and students in selected master’s degree programs at UNH.

Students must apply and be formally admitted to the program.  The Cognate appears as a minor on the student’s transcript, and is awarded concurrently with the PhD or Master’s degree.

All courses must be taken at UNH.


Core Courses – 8 credits Mode Time Credits
GRAD 950 Issues in College Teaching Face to face Summer 2
GRAD 951 Teaching with Writing Face to face Summer 2
GRAD 961 Cognition, Teaching, and Learning Online Summer 2
GRAD 965 Classroom Research and Assessment Methods Online Summer 2
Electives –4 credits      
GRAD 930 Ethics in Research and Scholarship Face to face AY 2 or 3
GRAD 963 College Students and the Undergraduate Culture Face to face Summer – every other year 2
GRAD 970 Special Topics in College Teaching: Teaching Online Online AY or Summer – not  offered every year



GRAD 971 Teaching and Learning in Science Face to face AY – not offered every year 3 or 4
GRAD 995 Independent Study TBA AY or Summer – permission required 1 or 2
With prior approval from the College Teaching Director, the appropriate course(s) or seminar(s) on teaching in a particular discipline (e.g., history, economics, psychology, etc.) Face to face AY Variable
GRAD 998 College Teaching Portfolio TBA Summer  or AY 1


Students must create a 1 credit electronic teaching portfolio and have it approved by the directors of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.


Graduate Certificate in College Teaching

This program requires the satisfactory completion of 12 academic credits. The certificate is available to anyone with a bachelor's degree and above who is interested in preparing for a college teaching career. Requirements include 8 credits in core courses and 4 credits in elective courses.

Core Courses, 8 credits
GRAD 950, Issues in College Teaching, 2 cr.
GRAD 951, Teaching with Writing, 2 cr.
GRAD 961, Cognition, Teaching, and Learning, 2 cr.
GRAD 965, Classroom Research and Assessment Methods, 2 cr.

Electives, minimum of 4 cr.
GRAD 930, Ethics in Research and Scholarship, 2 or 3 cr.
GRAD 963, College Students and the Undergraduate Culture, 2 cr.
GRAD 970, Special Topics in College Teaching: Teaching Online, 2 cr.
GRAD 971, Teaching and Learning in Science, 3 or 4 cr.
GRAD 995, Independent Study, 1 or 2 cr.