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Graduate Course Catalog 2016-2017

Academic Regulations and Degree Requirements


It is the student's responsibility to become familiar with the academic regulations and degree requirements of the Graduate School as well as the special requirements of their own academic program. The general requirements of the Graduate School are found in the catalog. Individual program requirements may be found in the catalog or obtained from the respective department.

     » Academic Honesty
     » Graduate Courses
     » 800- and 900-Level Courses
     » 700-Level Courses
     » Simultaneous 700/800 Courses:
     » Graduate Grading
     » UNH Credit Hour Policy
     » Academic Standards
     » Dismissal for Failure to Make Satisfactory Academic Progress
     » Transfer of Credits
     » External to UNH
     » Internal to UNH
     » Continuing Education Units
     » Master's Degree Requirements
     » Dual Degrees
     » Educational Specialist Degree
     » Doctoral Degree Requirements
     » Graduation
     » Commencement