• UNH alumni at international event in NYC, May 2016


May 2008: IA alumni in Washington DC

Association coordinates a variety of alumni groups, events and programs.  Alumni interested in supporting the IA and study abroad program can give back to the Center for International Education and Global Engagement by endowing student scholarships or various other areas of critical importance. Alumni can also come back to campus to share their skills, experience and career journey with interested students.

Facts and Figures

IA and study abroad alumni live in all 50 states and many countries around the world. Since 1985, more than 1000 students have completed the International Affairs (IA) dual major, while many thousands of UNH students have studied abroad. From the beginning, CIEGE has made an effort to stay in touch with its alumni, particularly its IA Dual Majors. Please bring us up to date on your life by completing a simple IA/Study Abroad Alumni Form and click on this map or list to see where IA alumni are! A great way to keep your connection alive with UNH alumni interested in international issues is to join the UNH International Affairs and Study Abroad Alumni group on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Share your success stories and photos with us

We have a great collection of alumni profiles. They provide testimony to the success of the international affairs dual major and inspiration to all. Please continue to share your stories (we need study abroad alumni too!) with us; click here for details. You can view a variety of photos by selecting from the list of slideshows in the right-hand menu.

Happy Returns ~ IA alumni back on campus

With support from a Class of 1954 Academic Enrichment Fund, CIEGE has established the Happy Returns program to bring International Affairs alumni from across the schools/colleges back to campus to discuss their work, their academic preparation, and their career paths with students and others in the university community. Click here for more information.


Click on the map to find out how many UNH faculty, students and/or alumni are in or from a particular country.

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