A Look at the Numbers, World AIDS Day Dec 1, 2015 - "Three decades have passed since the height of the HIV epidemic in the early 1980s. On the occasion of World AIDS Day Dec. 1, UNH Today checked in with Dr. Peter Degnan of UNH Health Services to find out more about the state of the virus today". Read More

Interviewing While LGBTQ - The questions and issues you should think about on the academic job market, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 21, 2015  "Being LGBTQ on the academic market was a far more sensitive issue 10 years ago, yet it remains dicey for candidates in large swaths of the country"  read the full article

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles changes its policy - Thanks to a collaborative effort between GLAD (, Transgender New Hampshire (TGNH), NHCLU, NH PFLAG, and NH Representative Ed Butler’s amazing leadership and efforts, the NH DMV has finally amended the DMV policy and removed the surgery requirement.  In New Hampshire you no longer need surgery to change your gender marker on your NH license or non-license legal ID. This is a huge step forward for people who are transgender in our state.

The new Change of Gender Designation Form can be found using this link:   For more information go to GLAD’s toolkit instead of the DMV website, which is here:  This toolkit has additional information on how to change your name, and how to contact GLAD if anyone is wrongly denied or treated disrespectfully at the DMV.


You Can Play Project, a means for athletes, coaches, and fans to stand up and create an atmosphere of inclusion. Watch the video series on YouTube

UNH Men's Basketball Team supports the You Can Play project to support LGBTQ Athletes to end homophobia and transphobia in sports. The America East Conference sent the whole team shooting shirts that say "You Can Play".  See more on Safe Zones Facebook page.

Photo from Safe Zones Facebook page