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Lunchtime Discussion
MUB Rm 158, 12:40-2pm
Thurs, Sept 17
Queering the Spirit with Dr. Brettschneider, professor of Political Science and Women's Studies will be speaking on Queer Jewish culture, spiritual community and ritual.  Lunch will be provided.  Event sponsored by Women's Studies and Kidder Fund

LGBTQA+ Garden Party
Thursday, Sept 17, 2015
4:30-6:30pm, Paul College Courtyard
(behind Health Services)

Join us for fun, food, friendship, and a warm welcome to the new year.  A great time for reconnecting with old friends and making new connections.  All are welcome! Event sponsored by Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (learn more)


Lunchtime Discussion
MUB Rm 158, 12:40-2pm
Tues, Oct 13
Queering the Spirit with Noha Elmohands.  Noha will be talking about spirituality as an inherent act and embodiment of social justice activism. "Spirituality is the revolution of learning how to love yourself."  This talk is part of our year-long conversation about LGBTQ communities, religion and spirituality.   Lunch will be provided.  Program sponsored by Kidder Fund, Waysmeet Center and Women's Studies.
Coming Out Week
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Coming Out Week Speaker
Shane Bitney Crone

Wed, Oct 14, 7:00pm
MUB Strafford Rm


Shane Bitney Crone is an activist, speaker, writer and filmmaker. Despite his efforts to fit in, Shane fell victim to years of homophobic bullying and severe depression. A year after the death of his partner, Shane worked with Linda Bloodworth Thomason and created Bridegroom: A Love Story, Unequaled. Shane continues to channel his energy to support good causes, hoping to inspire others with his creativity and personal triumphs.  Event sponsored by MUB Lecture Series, Kidder Fund and others.


Women's Studies Convocation
Thurs, Oct 22, 5-7:00pm
MUB Entertainment Room

Speaker Cris Mayo will talk about how gay straight alliances create possibilities to rethink the ways we understand ourselves in relation to each other and intersectionality in terms of genders, races, ethnicities, religions, class and knowledge.  See flyer for more info


GIA Week

Nov 16-20

Gender Identities Awareness (GIA) Week is an annual week of events to promote acceptance and celebration of the lives of transgender people.   Click here for flyer for complete schedule of program descriptions click here.
Program sponsors include Trans UNH, The Waysmeet Center, Commission on the Status of LGBTQ+ People, the Kidder Fund, Women's Studies and others as noted on the flyer.


Tues, Dec 1, 7:00pm
MUB Granite State Rm

Elegies for Angels Punks and Drag Queens.  Elegies celebrates those who have lost their lives to AIDS.  Students will provide free verse monologues with a blues, jazz and rock score.  The production will be in the same room as the Names Project Quilt that inspired its inception.   All are welcome to attend.  $7 UNH ID and $10 community.  All proceeds will be donated to AIDS Response Seacoast. Event sponsored by SHARPP, Health Services, Kidder Fund To purchase tickets. 



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The Alliance is the undergraduate student organization for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer, Questioning and Allied students. We work to build a safer, more inclusive environment for LGBTQA students and promote acceptance of all forms of diversity. Meetings enable you to meet other LGBTQA students in a safe, non-judgmental environment and foster the development of a unified Queer and Allied community. Meetings held usually every Tuesday, 7:30pm, MUB, Room 145.  For more info visit Alliance's WildcatLink or email:

Stonewall Grads

A social and activist group consisting of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning and allied (GLBTQ+) individuals at UNH. Through community activism and support, we strive to create a group that welcomes and empowers all people as well as educating the entire university about issues that affect GLBTQ+ students on campus. While we are primarily a graduate student group, we welcome all faculty and staff who want to be a part of our group.
More information about Stonewall Grads

LGBTQ+ Support Group

Talk with others who can relate to your experiences, topics are based on your interests. Meetings are held weekly for 7-8 weeks per semester usually on Friday afternoons, 2:30-4:00pm at a relaxed location on campus. Sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) and the UNH Counseling Center. If you are interested in participating in this support group, please follow this link: 

More information on Counseling Center

Trans-Support Seacoast

Support group for transgender/gender variant adults. Come join in the conversation be supported and supportive, share resources and network.  Usually meet every 3rd Monday of the month, contact facilitators Deborah Emery-Gigliotti, MS,LCMHC at and Teresa Reeves, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist


Quench is a monthly LGBTQ+ and Ally Discussion Series at OMSA
Join us for a new monthly discussion series specifically on LGBTQ+ and Ally topics. This is a great place to talk about issues that matter to you while building connections and community with students, faculty, and staff. Share your perspectives, listen, expand your awareness, and connect! Each month, we will focus on a different engaging topic based on the interests of our community.
More information about Quench


Safe Zones Training

Safe Zones Training are professional development opportunities for UNH faculty, staff, and graduate students to advance awareness, knowledge, and skills around the services and support that we provide to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) students and colleagues. Participants of Safe Zones Trainings are a campus-wide network of allies who are supportive of LGBTQ faculty, students, and staff and are committed to contributing to a campus climate of inclusion at UNH.

Trainings are 1.5 hours in length. We offer department-specific trainings, and some trainings that are open to mixed groups of faculty and staff from various departments.

Topic areas explored during trainings:

  • Increasing awareness of the issues and experiences of LGBTQ individuals,
  • Using inclusive language,
  • Accessing and referring LGBTQ individuals to important campus resources,
  • Discovering specific ways to provide support and be an ally in the work that you do with students,
  • Exploring specific issues related to providing services to LGBTQ students and assessing ways to be inclusive of and welcoming to LGBTQ individuals in the general services that you provide,
  • Developing skills to take active steps toward reducing and preventing harassment, discrimination, and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression,
  • As an office / department, how can you best "communicate" that you [your department] is supportive [an ally] to LGBTQ students?

Following the training, participants may decide to request a Safe Zones sticker. To inquire about attending an upcoming training or scheduling a Safe Zones Training for the faculty and staff in your department, please contact: Ellen Semran, Safe Zones Coordinator, at 862-5053 or For more information, visit our web site:
Safe Zones is sponsored by the President's Commission on the Status of GLBT Issues and the Office of the Multicultural Student Affairs.

Social Justice Educator Training

Social Justice Educator Training (SJE) is a professional development opportunity for UNH faculty, staff and graduate students to further diversity awareness, knowledge and skill sets. We will explore “social justice” via personal and institutional lenses to analyze: power and privilege, discrimination and prejudice, inclusion and equity through the multiple social identities of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability (physical and mental), religion, etc. This process will include open and honest discussions, readings, and interactive/experiential activities in a respectful environment. The eight-hour training which is divided into two days is facilitated in a small-group setting. More Information and Registration For for SJE