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David Finkelhor, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Director, Crimes against Children Research Center. Child victimization, child sexual abuse,  juvenile justice, missing children, marital rape, and maltreatment of the elderly. e-mail:, Website:

Murray A. Straus, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology. Intimate partner violence, corporal punishment by parents, child abuse, measurement techniques, stress, rape, and homicide. e-mail: Website:

Research Faculty

Melissa Holt, Revictimization of adolescents, Dating Violence, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, email:

Lisa Jones, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor. Child maltreatment, sexual abuse, child protective service and criminal justice systems, Transtheoretical Model of Change, measurement, evaluation research. E-mail:

Glenda Kaufman Kantor, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor of Family Research. Wife abuse, substance abuse, family violence, child abuse, Hispanic families, and criminology.
e-mail:  website:

Kimberly Mitchell, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor. Youth Internet Victimization and trauma, exposure to violence, disability and child abuse, and methodology. e-mail:

Richard K. Ormrod, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor.  Juvenile crime victimization, statistical analysis, mapping, and data management. e-mail: 

Janis Wolak, J.D., Research Assistant Professor. Child victimization, Youth Internet use, Internet victimization, child abuse, child witnesses of domestic violence, police reporting, help-seeking. e-mail:

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Kerith Conron, S.c.D, M.P.H. Child maltreatment; psychopathology; intergenerational continuity; LGBT health. Email:

Angèle Fauchier, Ph.D. Parenting; discipline; intergenerational transmission; family violence and parent-child relationships. Email:

Beth Mattingly, Ph.D. Gender and family; consequences of intimate partner violence; resiliency in childhood. Email:

Jennifer Sherman, Ph.D. Gender, work and family; rural poverty; parenting stress and family stability. Email:

Research Associates

Kathy Becker Blease, Developmental Traumatology/victimology, Intergenerational transmission of trauma and trauma symptoms, email:

Ellen Cohn, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology. Wife abuse, legal socialization, and social psychology. e-mail: 

Theodore Cross, Ph.D., Director of the National Evaluation of Children's Advocacy Centers and Research Assistant Professor.  Investigation and prosecution of child maltreatment, evaluation of children's services, foster care, polygraph testing, statistical methods,, expert witnessing. e-mail: 

Ellen R. DeVoe, Ph.D., A.C.S.W., Assistant Professor, Columbia University School of Social Work Partner Violence, Impact of partner violence on young children, child sexual abuse, intervention research. email:

Alberto Godenzi, Ph.D., Dean, College of Social Work, Boston College. Conflict and cooperation, interpersonal violence, gender, prevention. e-mail: 

Sherry L. Hamby, Ph.D., Partner violence, child victimization, sexual assault, measurement techniques, methodology, American Indians and intimate violence, gender and violence.  email:

Patricia Y. Hashima, Ph.D., Institute on Family & Neighborhood Life, Clemson University, Children's concepts of justice, violence against children, and children's rights. Email:

Denise Hines; Intergenerational transmission of spousal abuse, husband abuse, Cross-cultural issues in family violence; Personality and Family Violence, email:

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., Health effects of victimization, maternal stress and depression, victimization and disability, breastfeeding e-mail:

Vera E. Mouradian, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Stone Center, Wellesley College and Research Associate, Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire: teen dating violence, adult marital and dating violence, sexual assault, effects of witnessing partner violence on children, aggression, gender and behavior, social cognition, methodology. e-mail: 

David Sugarman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Rhode Island College. Marital violence, dating violence, social cognition, child development, meta analysis, and corporal punishment. e-mail:

Heather Turner, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology. Stress and mental health, gender roles and the family, social support, aging, and psycho-social aspects of AIDS. e-mail:

Linda M. Williams, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor of Family Research and Director of Research, The Stone Center, Wellesley College. Child sexual abuse, rape, sex offenders, fatal child abuse, longitudinal research, and memory of trauma childhood. e-mail: 

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