Excellence in Teaching Award

Nancy Kinner
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Nancy Kinner

Professor Nancy Kinner is a UNH institution. Whether it be leading incoming First-year students in the "It's Great Day to be a WildCat" cheer or crooning "Happy Trails" at the conclusion of another Commencement, Professor Kinner unleashes an uncommon enthusiasm for all that is UNH. It is not surprising that this enthusiasm spills into the classroom. In fact, Nancy is one of two individuals who have received the CEPS Teaching Award twice. She was awarded the CEPS teaching Award in 1988, and close to thirty years later, she still projects the same passion for students and her discipline.

In Nancy's classroom, students are never anonymous...she learns every student's name. If your desire is to sit back in the classroom and observe... think again. According to one student, Professor Kinner is a "very dynamic and engaging professor. Great start to my day at 8 am. Never a chance of falling asleep--partially because I was interested and partially because I was terrified of being caught!"

In Nancy's classroom students are pushed hard, but the faculty member works even harder. According to one student, "She does not preach but enlightens, and works harder than anyone else I've ever seen. It is truly inspiring." Another student commented, "I've never had an instructor who worked as hard for and cared as much about the education of her students as Professor Kinner did."

Other students describe her as, outgoing, a legend, the bomb.com, a bit intense, hands down the most passionate instructor I have ever had, and the GOAT (greatest of all time).

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is fortunate to count Nancy Kinner as one of our faculty members, and we are pleased to award her the 2016 CEPS Teaching Award.

Presented By: Charles K. Zercher, Interim Dean, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

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