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Join us as we recognize and celebrate members of our accomplished faculty who have distinguished themselves in the classroom, the laboratory, their communities, the state, and around the world. Their dedication and exemplary work are among our University’s most valuable resources.

And we thank them. Because of them, we are able to offer a genuinely diverse, authentic, and excellent education. As you will read here, it is an education that stretches limits. It extends from a secondary school in Haryana, India, where an inspired young man found plants to be “simply fascinating;” to Portsmouth’s Market Square, where an engaged professor assesses the delicate balance of the state’s economy; from urgent work to save lives from AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa; to a third-grader looking through a microscope and making a decision “that was a turning point for me.”

These are the individuals who create turning points for our students. Each of these 17 stories tells us that the quality of our faculty is second to none. How fortunate we are to be a part of this vibrant community.

Ann Weaver Hart
University of New Hampshire
David R. Hiley
Professor of Philosophy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs






















Subhash C. Minocha

Bruce T. Elmslie

William C. Clyde

Clyde L. Denis

Ross J. Gittell

Raymond J. Goodman Jr.

Richard W. England

Joe L. P. Lugalla

Joseph D. Geiser

Robert C. Drugan

Lori J. Hopkins

Mara R. Witzling

Jeffrey Colman Salloway

R. Dan Reid

Roberta P. Kieronski

Andrew P. Laudano

Charles A. Caramihalis

Faculty Excellence 2001















Bruce Elmslie Clyde Denis Joe Lugalla