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Facilities  Professional  Development

E n h a n c e   Y o u r   S k i l l s,   A d v a n c e   Y o u r   C a r e e r


improving  personal  
An  introduction  to  
social  styles

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 Resolve conflict?

 Manage difficult situations?

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new hire Basic Training

advanced Training

FAMIS - space survey

 leadership is not a position or a title; it is action and example.
- Cory Booker


Basic/Refresher Training

Led by Carol Martin
Monday, August 7th
6 Leavitt Lane
Small Conference Room 104 D
1:00 - 2:00


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  Chemical Environmental
Management System (CEMS)

  International Facilities
Management Association
(IFMA) Courses


  APPA Training


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 FAMIS to Go Refresher Training
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 FAMIS to Go Supervisors / Managers Training  
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 FAMIS – Equipment and Part Ordering Refresher
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 FAMIS – Manager / Supervisor Refresher
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 FAMIS-to-Go Utility Meter Reading
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 Tablet Training
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 Tablet Refresher Training
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