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Energy and Utilities

Information to help us conserve natural resources, save money, and breathe cleaner air.

UNH Ranks in Top 5 Percent for Energy Efficiency!

Annual energy savings of approximately $7 million.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) conducted a first-of-its-kind energy efficiency benchmarking study of 180 colleges and universities in 2000. In our peer group, UNH was in the top five percent for energy efficiency. Coninuing on that front, a survey of over 100 universities was taken by the Associaton of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA) in 2006. UNH, again, scored as one of the most energy efficient colleges that offers 4 year programs through post-Doctoral research.

If we consumed energy at the mean rate for our peer group, we would have spent over $20 million for energy during FY-06. Because of our ongoing energy efficiency programs, we actually spent only $13 million during FY-06. That results in a yearly savings of $7 million.

How did UNH achieve such a high energy efficiency ranking?

UNH has conducted an on-going energy efficiency program for the past 25 years. Several million dollars have been invested in retrofit projects including high efficiency lighting systems, motors, and control systems. On capital construction projects, energy efficiency measures have been included where economically justified. UNH also conducts many energy awareness programs to encourage energy conserving activities by the campus community, such as the recent computer power management program implemented by the UNH Energy Office and Information Technology. Click here for more info on all the folks who helped us achieve our high ranking.

Just installing energy efficiency equipment is not enough to achieve such a high ranking. The equipment must be properly maintained and operated. UNH Operations and Maintenance staff play an important role in our energy efforts.

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