UNH Faculty Senate

Summary Minutes from 3 May 1999

I.  Roll - The following Faculty Senate members were absent:  Bornstein,
Christie, de la Torre, DeMitchell, Grenier, Gross, Henke, Herold, Kaye,
McCann, Nordgren, Planalp, Pugh, VonDamm, Williams, and Zsigray.  Absent
as work to rule were Carr, Echt, Garland, and Reardon.  Excused were
Macieski, Naumes, and Pearson.

II.  Election of Officers - A motion was made and seconded that the
1999/2000 Faculty Senate chair and vice chair be Pedro de Alba and Robert
Connors respectively, and that the other members of the Agenda Committee
be Donald Chandler, Sarah Sherman, and David Pearson.  After a discussion
of the mission of the Agenda Committee and the Faculty Senate, the motion
passed with three abstentions.  The discussion about decentralized budgeting
is not confidential, but the details of the proposal are still changing
and not yet firm enough for the senate to review.  The Faculty Senate
will look at the decentralized budgeting in the fall.

III.  Open Mike - Thanks were expressed to the outgoing Faculty Senate
chair, John Seavey, who has worked hard to uphold the right of the
faculty to be consulted.  A professor pointed out that an academic
program is being reviewed at the present time and that the Faculty Senate
should strongly uphold the standards in the Faculty Handbook which states
that programs should be reviewed on long-term educational considerations
only and not on cyclical fluctuations in enrollments, unless a financial
exigency is officially declared.  Issues for the 1999/2000 Faculty Senate
include decentralized budgeting, general education, the master plan, and
student quality.  Discussions with senators will begin during the summer
to bring up other agenda items.  A professor said that the senate should
also look into the new course that will be taught by staff and not
faculty.  James Farrell will send information on that course to the new
Faculty Senate chair.

IV.  Adjournment - This meeting of the 1999/2000 Faculty Senate was

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