UNH Faculty Senate

Summary Minutes from 9 November 1998

I.  Roll - The following Faculty Senate members were absent:  
Balderacchi, Bogle, Caccavo, Carr, de la Torre, Farrell, Niman, Sohl.  
Excused were Chandler, Condon, Garland, Keim, Petty and Tucker.

II.  John Crosier, President of the Business and Industry Association
- The following is a summary of his comments.  

Businesses want educated employees who can move in and out of the
educational system in ways that are easy and coordinated.  Businesses
also want increased economic opportunity, with more jobs and a
friendly business climate.  There is an Economic Opportunity Project
which is working on how New Hampshire can best respond to the needs of
our economy.  The marketplace of ideas is getting increasingly crowded
and competitive.  We must convince our audience that problems are
shared problems.  High quality faculty at UNH are important to a good
business climate in the state.  We cannot separate the economic future
of New Hampshire from the welfare of the university system.

We face a challenge in carrying the university forward.  We depend
upon brain power in this state because it is not rich in natural
resources.  We must better define the value of what the university
brings to the state.  The university has road trips which take this
message around the state.  We should make sure that student
satisfaction polls are done.  Perhaps a retreat could be held on how
we can start thinking differently about our relationships with

We should take the classroom into the work place, for example with
school-to-work assignments.  Team building is an important concept
now.  We should listen to the students as we would to customers.
Training and education should not be separated in our minds.  New
equipment in businesses is very complex and requires educated
manufacturing talent, as well as engineering talent.  The university
could test the market by checking with industries to see what
education and training will be needed in their workers.

Part of the problem for the university is that it is better perceived
outside than inside the state of New Hampshire.  Informal gatherings
could be arranged to talk about what goes on at the university.
Disagreements between the faculty union and the university hurt its
image.  Strength comes from relationships based on trust.  We need to
be able to take risks without worrying about occasional lack of
success.  The rate of economic movement is very fast now, and we
cannot wait until the trend is clear before acting, because that may
be too late for the action to be effective.

The land-grant university must be part of the fabric of the state.  We
must create a better communication mechanism and make sure our message
of value resonates.  The university must reach out to those who have
the most influence on state policy.  The university's Legislators Day
and the CEO Executive Forum are very important.  Events like these
build the image about who we are collectively and where we all fit.
The Business and Industry Association can be a helper in that
endeavor.  The university needs to deal with the perception of the
balance between teaching and research.  Also, the ability to write
clearly and concisely is very important, especially in today's crowded

III. Adjournment - Today's meeting was adjourned.

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