UNH Faculty Senate

Summary Minutes from 10 September, 2001




I. Roll - The following Faculty Senate members were absent: Afolayan, Becker, Denis, Frankel, Halstead, Morgan, Reardon, Simpson, Stone, and VonDamm. Excused were Carr and Trowbridge.

II. Introduction of Student Body President - Ken Kruger, Student Body President, said that he is looking forward to a good year of student and faculty cooperation.

III. Communications from the President - The president said that she plans to give the state-of-the-university address at 12:30 p.m. on September 11 in the Granite State Room of the Memorial Union Building. Student enrollments and the tuition received are very close to the planned amounts. Retention has improved this year, and the graduating class will be smaller as well. The university expects to increase graduate student enrollments and within a few years to return to the total student enrollment levels of 1994/95. Many upper-year students want to live in the university dormitories, and so the dining halls and dormitories are crowded. Faculty housing is also tight.

State funding for the UNH operating budget will increase five percent for each of the next two years, and the same occurred for each of the last two years. Although the university receives only fifteen percent of its operating budget from the state, UNH will be able to maintain student tuition increases at no more than the rate of inflation. However, the university will need to make a further request for funds for the capital budget, in order to renovate several old science buildings. The president expects that the capital campaign will be completed successfully this year and will enable UNH to increase student scholarships. The university operates on a much leaner budget than comparable universities.

The environmental technology building was dedicated this summer. A marine building is being designed now, for federally-funded construction. The president intends to retire next summer and stated that the faculty should have a strong voice in choosing the next president. This search committee will be chaired by a trustee, and the last presidential search committee contained six faculty.

IV. Communications from the Chair - A list of the senate committee membership was sent to the senators, and the senate committee charges were handed out at today's meeting. Tim Ashwell is the Faculty Senate parliamentarian. Faculty Senate nominees to university-wide committees are Robert Macieski and Bill Stine for the Academic Computing Advisory Committee; Emery Trowbridge and Steve Tuttle for the ROTC Board of Governors; Emery Trowbridge for the MUB Board of Governors; Drew Conroy for the Alumni Affairs Board of Directors; Janet Aikins, Tom Ballestero, Dan Reid and Toni Smith for the Central Budget Committee; and Todd Gross, Ed Hinson, Toni Smith, and John Ted Kirkpatrick for the Transportation Committee.

This year the president will be invited to speak with the Faculty Senate at every other meeting, and senior administrators will be asked to speak at the alternate meetings. The tentative schedule shows the administrators speaking in the following order this semester: the vice president for research (on intellectual property and legal documentation), the provost (on Tally, transfer of credits, faculty titles, and grade changes), and the assistant vice president for facilities (on campus planning, transportation and the master plan). Next semester's tentative schedule is: the vice president for financial affairs (on responsibility center management and transportation), the director of admissions (on admissions qualifications and diversity), and the chancellor.

The senate chair is submitting a proposal to the president for weekly lunch meetings for ten faculty in the Oak Dining Room. Eight persons would be invited from the faculty at large, one from a senate standing committee, and one from the senate's Agenda Committee. The lunch meetings are intended to help faculty get to know each other and to enhance communication about university and Faculty Senate business.

Regarding a charge to the Academic Affairs Committee, a senator said that a dean changed a grade not last year but in a prior year. The senate chair said that he assumes the senate will have a representative on the presidential search committee.

V. Minutes - The minutes of the May 30, 2001, senate meetings were approved unanimously, with a modification to show that Professor Slomba attended the meetings of both the old and the new senates on that date.

VI. Spring Semester Vice Chair - The senate's vice chair, Barbara Krysiak, will be on sabbatical during this spring semester, and the Agenda Committee proposes that Drew Conroy act as the senate vice chair's proxy during that semester. The senate constitution provides a procedure to be followed if a vacancy occurs among the senate officers. However, the constitution says that a "vacancy results from a senator leaving the university or voluntarily resigning due to illness or other personal reasons. A senator who is absent due to work to rule and has not resigned is still a member." Since Professor Krysiak will be on sabbatical and will still be a member of the faculty, the senate chair said that a vacancy, as defined by the constitution, will not occur and that a proxy should be chosen. After much discussion on whether Professor Conroy should be a proxy or a replacement, a motion was made and seconded that Professor Conroy would be the vice chair's proxy during this spring semester. A friendly amendment was made and accepted that he would be the vice chair's replacement during that semester. No senator wished to make a nomination from the floor. The senate unanimously affirmed that Drew Conroy will be the senate's vice chair during the spring semester.

VII. Responsibility Center Management - A senator said that, although the president stated that undergraduate enrollments have grown, the budget in COLSA is very tight. A senator from SHHS said that budgets are very tight in other colleges as well. A faculty member said that, when responsibility center management was proposed, there were some specific deadlines set up for review. The senate chair said that the senate's Finance and Administration Committee has been charged with reviewing this issue. A faculty member asked to what extent are units changing their advising of students, in order to maximize enrollments in that unit. A professor said that the advising procedures in Liberal Arts were changed this summer regarding major tracks and exploration tracks. The senate chair said that either the University Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee or the General Education Committee will look at this issue.

VIII. Disposition of Issues of Concern Last Spring - The provost's office has assured the senate's Agenda Committee that the transfer of credit policy has not changed but was just put in clear written form. The senate's Academic Affairs Committee has been charged with monitoring credit transfer and ensuring that adequate safeguards are in place. Portions of the new policy on faculty title changes have been completed, but other parts of the policy are still being modified. The senate's Academic Affairs Committee will also follow up on faculty title change.

The Tally computer inventory program has been stopped, except that the pilot program which had been approved in some colleges by the Agenda Committee will continue. In the non-pilot-program colleges, Tally is not being installed on current or new computers. The senate's Academic Affairs Committee will review the Tally issue. That committee will also monitor the grade change issue and the activities of the Academic Standards and Advising Committee.

This year's academic calendar has a fall break that does not fall on Columbus Day, although the senate prefers that fall break be on Columbus Day. However, this year's schedule was approved by the Agenda Committee and presented to the senate several years ago. At that time, the proposed calendar showed October 15 as "Columbus Day, fall break"; and so the reviewing senators may have thought that Columbus Day fell on Oct. 15. The senate's Student Affairs Committee is charged with looking into the approval process for the future.

The university had announced an increase in the fee for the use of the university recreation facility at Mendum's Pond, but the senate brought the issue to the attention of the AAUP which discussed the matter with the administration. The fee has been rescinded.

IX. Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned, and the senate standing committees were asked to meet at that time in order to elect a committee chair. The senate chair will set up an orientation meeting with each new committee chair very soon.

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