UNH Faculty Senate

Summary Minutes from 5 February, 2001




I. Roll - The following Faculty Senate members were absent: Afolayan, Becker, Conroy, Denis, Draper, Garofalo, Hageman, Halstead, Hiller, Hinson, Krysiak, Macieski, McCann, Messner, Mills, Morgan, Planalp, Reardon, Schiller, Shippee-Rice, Simpson, Smith, and VonDamm. Excused were Dolan, Farrell, Malarte-Feldman, Stone, Trowbridge, and Tucker. The senate meeting was shortened due to a severe snow storm.

II. Communications with the President - The president announced that the university would close at 4:00 p.m. due to the storm. She said that she has just returned from a meeting with the UNH Foundation Board and that the capital campaign is moving ahead very well. The university's prospective donor base continues to grow, and the president said that private giving should be a factor in the future of this institution. There was a training session today for volunteers who plan to participate in the effort to convince legislators of the need for the USNH capital budget request. This campaign will increase the university's visibility and make clear the good support of leaders in business and industry, the university trustees, and many others, for better university funding.

A professor commented that scholarship opportunities for continuing students are not adequate; and the president agreed, adding that the available scholarship funding is also insufficient for freshman students. The university is urging the state to provide matching funds for certain parts of the capital campaign. Another faculty member brought up a problem with a potential donation, and the president asked that he send the information to her. In some categories, donations have been good; and in other sections they have not; but donations are still accepted in all areas. The university had one thousand more donors this year than the year before. The university tries to make it clear to the legislature that donations are not forthcoming for items normally funded by tuition and state funds. The president said that she will ask the Faculty Senate to consider if it should endorse New Hampshire House Bill 336.

III. Communications from the Chair - The Agenda Committee confirmed that a referendum is, by definition, a vote directly by the people; and so the committee has prepared several questions to be submitted directly to the faculty. The constitution will be considered first, and handouts on the referendum and the suggested constitutional changes are here for your review. The proposed amendments are minor and are intended to clarify sections which were not absolutely clear in the original constitution. The referendum and the constitutional changes will be discussed at the next senate meeting and voted on at the senate meeting after that. Amendments to the constitution may be made both before and after the referendum.

IV. Other Business - The chair of the senate's Finance and Administration Committee said that his committee is working on issues related to responsibility centered management and would be willing to share information on that with any other committee needing that information. The senate chair asked that each senator take and review a folder on the Knowledge Economy Education Plan for New Hampshire.

V. Adjournment - Today's meeting was adjourned.

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