UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on UCAPC Membership

UCAPC Membership

1. Motion presenter: Jim Farrell
2. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: December 1, 2003
3. Motion:

Item C about UCAPC membership in the 4/19/99 senate motion forming UCAPC will read:

The UCAPC will consist of members described by the following:

(1.a.) Tenured faculty members who are not also administrators shall represent the schools, colleges and the library in proportion to the size of their faculties. Specifically, each school, college and the library with less than 75 permanent full-time-equivalent faculty (tenure track and non-tenure track combined) will have 1 representative; more than 75 but fewer than 150 will have 2; and greater than 150 will have 3.

(1.b.) A minimum of two members of the UCAPC at any time must be members of the Faculty Senate.

(1.c.) The faculty representatives from each college will be elected by written ballot by the tenured and tenure-track members of the faculty in that college. If fewer than two members elected by the colleges are also members of the Faculty Senate, the senate will elect from among its members one or two additional representatives to the committee as necessary to meet the requirements of (1.b.) above. If the senate elects two members, they will not be from the same college.

(1.d.) The term of service for faculty is three years, with staggered terms. Committee members may be re-elected. When a member is unable to complete his or her term, the Faculty Senate will appoint a replacement for the balance of the term, provided that replacement represents the same college as that represented by the member who left the seat vacant.

(2) Two students, consisting of the chair of the Graduate Student Organization or that person's designee and the president of the student body or that person's designee. The students will have a term of service of two years.

(3) Two members of the administration, consisting of the vice president for Academic Affairs or that person's designee and the chair of the Academic Standards and Advising Committee or that person's designee.

4. Senate action: passed, on December 1, 2003
Vote: unanimous
Senate chair's signature: Thomas Laue, on January 16, 2004
Forwarded to: President Ann Hart, on January 21, 2004
Forwarded to: VPAA Bruce Mallory, on January 21, 2004
Forwarded to: Sam Shore, UCAPC Chair, on January 21, 2004


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