UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on a Library Faculty Member on UCAPC



1. Faculty Senate Committee: Library Committee.
2. Committee Chairperson: David Kaye.
3. Date of Faculty Senate Discussion: 1-22-01.
4. Committee/Administrator Responsible for Implementation: UCAPC Chair.
5. Motion:

The Library Committee moves that the library faculty members be granted one representative to serve on the University Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee (UCAPC).

6. Rationale:

The library plays a major role in the academic vitality of the University. As stated in the original motion to form UCAPC:

"The purpose of the University Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee is to uphold the academic mission, integrity, and priorities of the university. To accomplish this, the UCAPC shall seek to support and balance the goals that result naturally from our core academic values."

To exclude the library from direct participation would be detrimental to this charge. The impact of curricular decisions is not limited to the classroom. Changes in curriculum and academic policy must be sustained with the appropriate research and teaching resources and support which the library is expected to provide. The Library sets aside funding one to two years in advance before purchasing often costly resource materials. Without inclusion from the beginning of the planning process, the Library's ability to serve the University's curriculum will be greatly hindered.

All other faculty have direct representation on this far-reaching committee, through their college. The Library faculty, alone, are excluded from this format. In the present structure, UCAPC would operate devoid of any person with the expertise and understanding of library operations and the Library's impact on curriculum and other academic policies.

7. Senate Action: Passed on January 22, 2001. Vote: Unanimous

Chair's verification: Jerry Finn on January 29, 2001

Forwarded to: President Leitzel on January 30, 2001
Claudia Morner, University Librarian on January 30, 2001
John Rogers, UCAPC Chair on January 30, 2001

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