UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on University-wide Academic Programs


University-wide Academic Programs

1. Sponsoring committee: Academic Affairs Committee
2. Motion Presenter: Michael Kalinowski
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: May 3, 2004
4. Motion:

In the current context of budgetary uncertainty and remembering the principles of shared governance, the Faculty Senate affirms its interest in the quality and performance of university-wide academic programs that do not fall under the purview of individual colleges. Some examples of such programs include: the Center for International Education, the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, the University Honors Program, Writing across the Curriculum, and the Center for Teaching Excellence.

5. Rationale:

The current budget dilemma affects the university's curricular offerings and support services. The Faculty Senate has a role in ensuring that all academic programs are treated fairly and that the broader interests of the campus are given due attention. The above programs may be viewed by some as especially vulnerable at this time, and the Academic Affairs Committee wants to ensure Faculty Senate involvement in reviews.

6. Senate Action: passed unanimously, on May 3, 2004
Senate Chair's signature: Tom Laue
Forwarded to: President Ann Hart, on May 25, 2004
Forwarded to: Bruce Mallory, on May 25, 2004
Forwarded to: Michael Kalinowski, on May 25, 2004

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