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Motion on the teaching evaluation form


on the teaching evaluation form

1.  Motion presenter:   Louise Buckley

2.  Dates of Faculty Senate discussion:   4/23/2012 and 4/30/2012

3.  Rationale:  This is an action in response to the report from the ad-hoc Teaching Evaluation Committee. 

4.  Motion: 

Today, on behalf of the Agenda Committee, Louise Buckley presented the amended motion on the teaching evaluation form as follows.  The Faculty Senate accepts with gratitude the report of the ad-hoc Committee on Teaching Evaluation, presented by committee member Professor Robert Jerard on behalf of committee Chair Paula Salvio on April 23, 2012, and makes the following motion:

The Faculty Senate calls for the formation of an ad-hoc Teaching Evaluation Form Implementation Committee. The committee is charged with (1) ensuring that all academic departments review and comment on the evaluation form proposal (the senate will help expedite this process by circulating relevant materials immediately to all college deans, the Library Dean, the Director of the Thompson School, and department chairs for distribution to the faculty); (2) planning and conducting a pilot study using the form during fall, 2012; (3) providing and organizing for fall, 2012, a process for academic departments to propose questions designed to supplement the general form in view of particular, distinctive, pedagogical contexts within their curricular programs (e.g., evaluative questions designed to address lab courses, large enrollment courses) if departments so choose; (4) conducting formal review and revision of the general form, as well as proposed supplemental questions specific to particular pedagogical contexts during spring, 2013; and (5) planning for full implementation of the general form in fall, 2013.


The ad-hoc committee membership should consist of an elected senior faculty member from each of the six colleges and the university library, two Faculty Senate appointments, an administrative representative from each of the Offices of the College Deans, one representative from the Office of the Library Dean, one representative from the Office of Institutional Research, and one representative from the Office of Academic Affairs.  The chair of the committee will provide a report to the Faculty Senate at the end of the 2012-2013 academic year.

5.  Senate action:  passed with 38 ayes and 1 nay.

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Larry Prelli

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on 5/14/2012

Forwarded to:  Provost John Aber, on 5/14/2012

Forwarded to:  Lisa MacFarlane, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, on 5/14/2012

Forwarded to:  the college deans, the director of the Thompson School, and the dean of the library, on 5/14/2012


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