UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on the Tally Program


1. Faculty Senate Committee: [The motion was from the floor.]
2. Committee Chairperson:
3. Date of Faculty Senate Discussion: April 30, 2001.
4. Committee/Administrator Responsible for Implementation: Provost Hiley.
5. Motion on the Tally Program:

The Faculty Senate strongly opposes the adoption of Tally or similar programs now or in the future.

6. Rationale:

The following are some of the major concerns that have been voiced repeatedly by Faculty. This is not an all-inclusive list.

A. This program has the ability to allow the university administration to access faculty computer files and monitor faculty activity on their computer without their knowledge. It is understood that the administration currently has the right and the ability to gain access to faculty files but not without their knowledge. It is understood that the administration does not intend to exercise the potential to remotely access files at this time. However, once the potential is in place, the practice can be implemented at any time.

B. The administration has not presented a positive reason for implementing this program. When pressed, the prospect of inventory control and improved service were put forth. Inventory control is not a sufficient reason, and the fact that many computers are not connected to the network makes the inventory control argument moot. CIS does not currently have sufficient resources to provide additional required assistance to users who may be affected by implementation of the Tally system. CIS has not presented a substantive case to convince us that the knowledge gained from this program would substantially enhance their ability to provide increased or improved service at no cost.

C. The administration and CIS has suggested that this program has no cost. In fact, the cost of installing and maintaining this program must be substantial. The cost of installing the program on existing computers should be roughly equivalent to one hour of a CIS technician's time including scheduling and travel time. We estimate this to be approximately $30 per computer. This would make the installation cost for the approximately 3000 computers on campus to be on the order of $90,000. Training for remote usage is not an insubstantial cost either. Now add to this the cost of having to maintain and "fix" problems generated by the Tally program, and the assurance that the implementation of this program has no cost is without merit or basis.

D. CIS has assured us that they will manage installation and that they will solve any problems with unique configurations. We are not confident that they have the resources or knowledge to do this. This is especially true for many of the custom computer configurations in CEPS and for those Unix or Linux based computers.

E. This type of central access and control software can cause extreme inconvenience upon failure, as demonstrated by the present software on Supertech classroom computers, which occasionally denies the instructor access to the computer and thereby wastes instructional time.

7. Senate Action: passed 4/30/01.

Vote: all ayes except one abstention

Chair's verification: Jerry Finn on 5/9/01

Forwarded to: President Joan Leitzel on 5/10/01

Forwarded to: Provost David Hiley on 5/10/01

Forwarded to: Asst. VP Bob Cape on 5/10/01

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