UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on renumbering Thompson School courses


on renumbering the courses at the Thompson School

1.  Motion presenter:   Michael Ferber on behalf of the Academic Affairs Committee

2.  Dates of Faculty Senate discussion:   10/22/2012 and 4/15/2013

3.  Motion:  The Thompson School may renumber its remaining 200-level courses to bring them into alignment with the 400- and 500-level course numbers at UNH.

4.  Rationale:

In response to a motion from the faculty of the Thompson School, followed by letters from Regina Smick-Attisano, Director of the Thompson School, and from Timothy Barretto, Chair of the Thompson School Faculty Executive Committee, the Academic Affairs Committee brings the above motion to the UNH Faculty Senate.  This effort has a surprisingly long history, about two decades.  A senate motion in April of 2005 to renumber the courses failed in a close vote, largely, it seems, because WSBE was then worried that transferring credits from 200-level Thompson School courses might affect WSBE accreditation, then in progress.  (This matter seems no longer to be a source of great concern.)

Already about a fourth of all Thompson School courses are numbered in the 400s and a handful are in the 500s to accommodate UNH students who take Thompson School courses. The result is a confusing double system, whereby a student might take several courses at the 400-level, or even the 500-level, and then take a capstone course in the 200s.  Students and parents have complained, with some justice.

Our motion would not affect the criteria for transferring credits.  When a student applies to UNH after a year or two at the Thompson School, his or her transcript would be evaluated by the admissions office in the same way that all transfer student transcripts are evaluated; and then by the same token the administrator of the student’s major would decide what courses will count toward what major requirements.  The motion is to allow the Thompson School to renumber its courses in a more rational manner; it is an internal housekeeping measure.  At a meeting on April 9, 2013, the dean of COLSA and the provost agreed with this motion.

5.  Senate action:  passed with twenty-nine ayes, two nays, and two abstentions

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Willem deVries

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to:  Provost John Aber, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to:  Lisa MacFarlane, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to:  Jon Wraith, Dean of COLSA, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to:  Regina Smick-Attisano, Director of Thompson School, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to: Kathy Forbes, Registrar, on 4/30/2013


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