UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Study Abroad Programs


Study Abroad Programs

1. Sponsoring committee: Academic Affairs Committee
2. Motion Presenter: Michael Kalinowski
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: May 3, 2004
4. Motion:

Any UNH student who is ineligible for participation in a UNH-managed/UNH-approved study away program and who enrolls in a non-UNH study away program may not transfer credits earned in that program to his or her UNH degree.

5. Rationale:

Students who take part in UNH-sponsored study abroad programs are required to meet certain academic standards. It has been possible for some students to get around those standards by taking part in programs outside of UNH and transferring the credits. The proposed motion is designed to close this loophole and ensure a more uniform set of requirements for all students who seek to take part in a study away program. This motion was developed in conjunction with ASAC.

6. Senate Action: passed, by a voice vote on May 3, 2004
Senate Chair's signature: Tom Laue
Forwarded to: President Ann Hart, on May 25, 2004
Forwarded to: Bruce Mallory, on May 25, 2004
Forwarded to: Neil Vroman, on May 25, 2004
Forwarded to: Michael Kalinowski, on May 25, 2004

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