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Motion on study away policy and field trip guidelines


on study away policy and field trip guidelines


1.  Motion presenter:   Mimi Becker

2.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  5/4/09

3.  Rationale:

Regarding study away, on 11/5/07 the Faculty Senate passed a motion that the Office of the Provost should provide a proposal explaining how procedures for shared governance will be incorporated in the process of analysis, review, and implementation of the tuition and fees policy for study abroad programs.   On 10/8/07, the Faculty Senate also had passed a motion concerning study abroad fees.  That motion states:  “The Faculty Senate moves to request that the University Committee on Study Abroad and the program directors of all the UNH-managed Study Abroad Programs be asked to undertake a systematic review of the fee structure changes in Study Abroad Programs, in collaboration with the appropriate administrators at both the college and university level, and to come up with recommendations regarding the impact and advisability of such changes.”  That motion invited further articulation and clarification of procedures of shared governance within this review process.  The motion was timely in view of the recent administrative decision to view the then current policy on tuition and fees for managed study abroad programs as an experiment that will be reassessed after the present three-year trial period, then in its second year.  An integral part of this experiment is the identification and evaluation of procedures for effective shared governance.

Regarding the change in field trip guidelines without shared governance, the Faculty Senate discussed this matter at its meetings of 11/19/07 and 12/3/07; the senate chair tried to get resolution of this matter throughout the spring semester; and the Agenda Committee asked the administration during the summer and fall of 2008 for the needed information.  On 5/4/09, the Student Affairs Committee chair told the Faculty Senate that, although the university now has three authorized providers of buses and vans for field trips, the committee has received from the administration no information about costs; and that is needed before the senate can make a decision on the field trip guidelines.  She said that additional information is also needed from the administration, about study away tuition changes. 

4.  Motion:

The Faculty Senate passed a motion that field trip guidelines and study away policy should be taken up by the Faculty Senate next year and that the experimental time period for study away should be extended for one more year in addition to the three years previously stated. 

5.  Senate action:  passed by acclamation

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Marco Dorfsman

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on May 27, 2009

Forwarded to:  Provost Bruce Mallory, on May 27, 2009

Forwarded to:  Lisa MacFarlane, on May 27, 2009


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