UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Student Observer to the Faculty Senate's Student Affairs Committee

Student Observer to the Faculty Senate’s Student Affairs Committee


1.  Sponsoring committee:  Student Affairs Committee

2.  Motion Presenter:  V. K. Mathur

3.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  October 11, 2004

4.  Motion:

That a student observer be invited to all the Student Affairs Committee’s meetings, with the following stipulations:  (1) the student would attend primarily as an observer; (2) the student could be recognized by the chair; (3) the same student should attend all meetings; (4) if that student is not able to communicate the Student Affairs Committee’s intentions and decisions to the Student Senate accurately, the committee could request that a different student attend the committee’s meetings; (5) minutes will be distributed to all committee members and the student; and (6) at the end of each meeting the committee will review the understanding of what has happened, to help reduce the chance of miscommunication.  The student observer to this committee would be selected by the Student Senate. 

5.  Senate Action:  passed, on October 11, 2004

Vote:  with no nays and one abstention.

Senate Chair’s signature:  Mimi Becker

Forwarded to:  President Ann Hart, on October 26, 2004 Forwarded to:  Provost Bruce Mallory, on October 26, 2004
Forwarded to:  Student Body President Cat Clarke, on October 26, 2004
Forwarded to:  Mark Rubinstein, on October 26, 2004
Forwarded to:  V. K. Mathur, on October 26, 2004

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