UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Task Force on Academic Expectations and Student Conduct

Task Force on Academic Expectations and Student Conduct

1. Sponsoring committee: Student Affairs Committee
2. Motion presenter: Mark Wrighton
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: May 5, 2003
4. Rationale:

The Faculty Senate's Committee on Student Affairs has found that there exist presumed links among plagiarism, grade inflation, and the use of alcohol and other substances by university students. The disruptions in downtown Durham following sporting events over the last several years clearly mark a shift in attitude in an element of the student population with respect to the proper way to express themselves.

5. Motion:

The Faculty Senate of the University of New Hampshire will constitute a task force to study the links between student behavior and the university community's expectations of student achievement. These links include but are not limited to course evaluations, grade inflation, the four-credit-hour workload issue, the effectiveness of freshman orientation, the feasibility and possible effectiveness of a "University 101" course, admissions procedures, and how peer institutions address these issues. The chair of the Faculty Senate will request suggestions from university faculty for membership on this task force and will name a chair. Members of the task force will participate in all relevant University efforts to address these issues (including but not limited to the planned "summit" in September of 2003), and the task force will present its report and recommendations to the Faculty Senate no later than the first meeting of the Senate in April of 2004.

6. Senate action: passed, on May 5, 2003

Vote: unanimous

Senate chair's signature: Barbara Krysiak, on May 15, 2003

Forwarded to: President Ann Hart, on May 16, 2003
Forwarded to: VPAA David Hiley, on May 16, 2003

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