UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Student Behavior

Student Behavior

1. Sponsoring committee: Agenda Committee
2. Motion presenter: Tom Laue
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: April 21, 2003
4. Rationale:

In response to disruptive crowd behavior after the April 12 hockey game, the senate passed three motions. This is the second of those motions.

5. Motion:

The events of Saturday evening, April 12, 2003, are of deep concern to the faculty. Those students who participated in violent behavior that evening must recognize that their actions have brought a profound sense of disgrace to everyone associated with the University of New Hampshire. No member of this community should ever believe that conduct of this sort is excusable. These individuals owe everyone in this community an apology for their actions, although this alone is not sufficient.

It is also of great concern that so many students believed that it was acceptable behavior to watch this spectacle. Their presence did nothing to prevent or remedy the situation and added considerably to the danger. The thousands who simply "came to watch" should consider what they might have done to help prevent the events or how they might have helped stop them from occurring.

Finally, the Faculty Senate wishes to express our deep frustration and concern that criminal and dangerous behavior is accepted by any member of our community. The university must enforce its policies and hold students accountable for their behavior.

6. Senate action: passed, on April 21, 2003

Vote: unanimous except for one abstention

Senate chair's signature: Barbara Krysiak, on May 12, 2003

Forwarded to: President Ann Hart, on May 12, 2003
Forwarded to: VPAA David Hiley, on May 12, 2003
Forwarded to: Student Body President, on May 12, 2003

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