UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Removing Senate Seats

Senate Seats

1. Sponsoring committee: Agenda Committee
2. Motion presenter: William Stine
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: September 9, 2002
4. Committee/administrator responsible for implementation: Faculty Senate Chair
5. Motion:

Change the list following item 4 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws which says: "For purposes of Faculty Senate membership, the following academic departments are eligible to elect senate members. The Agenda Committee is responsible for monitoring this list annually." Then a list is given of all the UNH-Durham departments, the library, Thompson School, and UNH-M Humanities and UNH-M Sciences. Remove from this list Engineering Technology and Medical Laboratory Science.

6. Rationale:

The Engineering Technology Program has moved to UNH-Manchester and become part of the Sciences Division of UNH-Manchester. The senate some time ago considered representation for UNH-Manchester and decided to consider each of the two UNH-M divisions as equal to a department for representational purposes.

Medical Laboratory Science was a UNH department until last August, when it moved to COLSA and became a program within the Department of Animal and Nutritional Sciences. Since MLS is no longer a department, the senate should approve that MLS be removed from the list in the bylaws. MLS had been sharing a senator with Health Management and Policy because MLS had so few professors. It currently has one full-time position filled, two part-time positions filled and one full-time position unfilled.

7. Minority committee report (if any)

8. Senate action: passed, on September 9, 2002
Vote: unanimous
Senate chair's signature: Barbara Krysiak, on September 16, 2002
Forwarded to: University President, on September 17, 2002

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