UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Mid-Semester Break


1. Faculty Senate committee: Student Affairs Committee
2. Motion presenter: Jim Farrell
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: February 25, 2002
4. Motion:

In academic years when a so-called ‘mid-semester' break is scheduled during the fall semester, the registrar shall designate that break to coincide with the federal "Columbus Day" holiday. The official registration/academic calendars of the University of New Hampshire should be determined in accordance with this policy, beginning with the academic year 2003-2004. In years when the calendar does not allow for a ‘mid-semester' break, this policy will not be applied.

5. Senate Action: passed unanimously on 2/25/02.

Chair's verification: Dan Reid on 5/2/02
Forwarded to: President Joan Leitzel on 5/3/02
Forwarded to: Provost David Hiley on 5/3/02
Forwarded to: Registrar Kathryn Forbes on 5/3/02


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