UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on campus security


on campus security


1.  Motion presenter:   Todd DeMitchell

2.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:   2/11/2013

3.  Rationale

 Safety is an enduring value in educational policy both at the pre-kindergarten to twelve level and in higher education. The need to provide a secure educational environment has, once again and tragically, captured the attention of America’s schools and colleges with the mass killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as the shootings at the Lone Star Community College. While our university police force (albeit only on the Durham campus), counseling services, and student services have developed and implemented excellent policies and procedures both proactive and reactive to imminent violence on campus, there is an important and necessary place for the role of the faculty in protecting students, staff, other faculty, and ourselves.  The Faculty Senate has a role in securing a safe campus for all.  Therefore, the Agenda Committee makes the following motion:

The Faculty Senate at the University of New Hampshire encourages the faculty through its department, college, and university-wide units to review the policy and procedures for responding to the threats that intrude on our campus. Specifically, we urge all faculty members to review the policies, attached below, on the identification of potential threats, the reporting of potential threats, and the response to threats.  Because of the complexity of our university, no one approach to how to implement and how to review the policies suffices.

4.  Motion

Therefore, the Faculty Senate encourages all units of the university to discuss how best to review and operationalize our security policies. We cannot wait to discuss what the policies mean when we need to implement them. To that end, we ask all faculty senators to forward this motion to their respective departments/divisions and that deans and other university administrators also start the discussion.  We also ask that questions and concerns uncovered by such review be reported to those responsible for security.

Policy Sites for UNH Durham

Faculty/Staff Referrals:  http://www.unhcc.unh.edu/faculty-and-staff-referral-guide

Crisis/Emergencies - Counseling Center: http://www.unhcc.unh.edu/crisis-emergencies

Students in Distress - Counseling Center: http://www.unhcc.unh.edu/students-distress

Emergency Response to Violence:  http://www.unh.edu/emergency/workplace.html

Emergency Procedures, pages 18-19, for work place violence and suspicious individuals: http://www.unh.edu/research/sites/unh.edu.research/files/docs/EHS/Occ-safety/Emergency-Procedures-Program%20Rev%2001272012.pdf

Policy Sites for UNH-Manchester

Emergency Procedures:


Shooting and Suspicious Individuals Protocols:


Policy Sites for UNH School of Law

Campus Security:  http://law.unh.edu/consumer-information/campus-security

5.  Senate action:  passed unanimously. 

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Willem deVries

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on 2/26/2013

Forwarded to:  Provost John Aber, on 2/26/2013


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