UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Disposal of UNH Property

                           UNH FACULTY SENATE
                           MOTION #  IV-M3
          1.  Faculty Senate Committee: Campus Planning.
          2.  Committee Chairperson: Elizabeth Dolan.
          3.  Date of Faculty Senate Discussion: 1-24-00.
          4.  Committee/Administrator Responsible for
          5.  Motion:
          Many UNH properties, both in the vicinity of the UNH campus
          and across the state, are classrooms of the university.  They are
          used as teaching tools and as sites for both graduate and
          undergraduate research (and sometimes in collaborative usage with
          UNH Cooperative Extension).  This often involves long-term
          research that cannot be readily carried out on other lands not
          controlled by the university.  As such, these properties should not
          be considered for disposal or change of status in any way without
          faculty assessment of the affected properties. The senate
          acknowledges that a policy to assess the impact of a sale of
          property exists; however, the implementation of that policy needs
          to be clarified and formalized.  The Senate calls for a clear, written
          statement of the policy's implementation structure, ensuring
          consultation with affected departments and faculty and requiring
          an Academic Impact Statement prior to any action being taken to
          dispose or change the status of any university property.  In
          addition, faculty should be consulted prior to any physical
          evaluation of university property preparatory to such action.  The
          Advisory Committee on  Real Property should include at least one
          faculty member who is also a member of the Faculty Senate.
          6.  Rationale:
          7.  Senate Action:  Passed on 1-24-00, with 0 nays and 2 abstentions 
          Chair's verification: Pedro de Alba on 1-31-00 
          Forwarded to: Joan Leitzel, President, on 1-31-00
          Forwarded to: David Hiley, VPAA, on 1-31-00 

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