UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Promotion and Tenure Procedures

UNH Faculty Senate

Motion # IX-M9

Promotion and Tenure Procedures


1.  Sponsoring committee:  Professional Standards Committee

2.  Motion Presenter:  David Richman

3.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  March 7, 2005

4.  Motion:

A candidate for tenure and/or promotion should retain a choice to prepare either separate, respective narratives on teaching, scholarship/artistry, and service, as has been heretofore done, or an integrated statement combining in a single essay teaching, scholarship/artistry, and service.  Should the candidate choose to prepare three separate narratives, the candidate may, if desired, prepare an additional essay on how these are integrated.  The promotion and tenure guidelines should make clear that the three-essay option and the single-narrative option would in no way affect the requirements for standards of excellence in the three areas, in order to make explicit that this is just a format change and not a change in standards.

It is strongly requested of the provost that the Faculty Senate be consulted if and when any changes to promotion and tenure procedures and/or formats are contemplated.

It is further urgently requested that the memorandum of instructions for the preparation of promotion and tenure cases be issued in the spring of the year prior to the year in which promotion and tenure cases go forward.  In other words, what used to be the September memo becomes the April memo.  As a matter of practical fact, candidates and departmental committees begin their work in the late spring in order to meet college deadlines in the fall, and the work would be eased if all parties had the provost's memorandum as the work begins. 

5.  Senate Action:  passed, on March 7, 2005

Vote:  unanimous

Senate Chair’s signature:  Mimi Becker

Forwarded to:  President Ann Hart, on March 22, 2005
Forwarded to:  Bruce Mallory, on March 22, 2005
Forwarded to:  David Richman, on March 22, 2005


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