UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on President's Call for Civic Engagement


to endorse President Huddleston's call for civic engagement


1.  Motion presenter:   Student Affairs Committee

2.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  11/16/09

3.  Rationale:

Members of the university community should work together to keep each other safe from violence.

4.  Motion:

The Student Affairs Committee made a motion to endorse President Huddleston's letter to the university community (printed in The New Hampshire, November 6, 2009) and his call for civic engagement in upholding our collective social responsibility to ensure the safety of all members of our campus and town community. 

5.  Senate action:  passed unanimously, except for one abstention.

6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Paula Salvio

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on December 1, 2009

Forwarded to:  Provost John Aber, on December 1, 2009

Forwarded to:  Student Body President Charlotte Noreng, on December 1, 2009


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