UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on exemptions of non-tenured instructors from evaluation pilot




on exemptions of non-tenured instructors teaching all non eUNH courses from piloting the web-based evaluation for all courses



1.  Motion Presenter:  Alberto Manalo, on behalf of the ad hoc committee on Teacher Evaluations


2.  Dates of Faculty Senate Discussion: 3/17/2014, 3/31/2014


3.  Motion:  Departments, programs, and divisions that take part in the pilot of the web-based evaluation shall exempt their non-tenured instructors teaching all non-eUNH courses from participating in the pilot. Those exempted faculty members will continue to use the procedures for in class student paper evaluations. This exemption for designated faculty shall be effective as long their department, program, or division is involved in the pilot study.  


4.  Rationale: Given the value placed on evaluation forms for promotion and tenure cases of faculty as well as for renewing lecturers’ contracts, the ad hoc committee charged with revising the teaching evaluations for UNH courses recommends that both groups be exempt from the pilot study until a comparative analysis of the web-based and paper-based systems is completed. The committee also recommends course exemptions remain in place during the pilot phase for all UNH courses currently exempt from the standard evaluation process.


5.  Senate action:  motion passed unanimously                    


6.  Senate chair’s signature:  Todd A. DeMitchell


Forwarded to:             President Mark Huddleston, on 4/15/14

                                    Provost Lisa MacFarlane, on 4/15/14

                                    P.T. Vasudevan, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, on 4/15/14

                                    College Deans, on 4/15/14

                                    Department Chairs, on 4/15/14

                                    Lecturer’s Council Chair, on 4/15/14


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