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Motion on schedule for future on-line Master's programs



schedule for future on-line Master’s programs


1.  Motion presenter:  Michael Ferber - Academic Affairs Committee

2.  Dates of Faculty Senate discussion:  9/23/2013

3.  Motion:  We move that the on-line MSW and all future on-line Master’s programs conform to the eight-week-term schedule as devised recently by the Registrar.  If a new on-line program finds a difficult problem with the eight-week-term plan, and cannot resolve it with the Registrar, they may petition the Senate for a waiver.

4.  Rationale: The rationale is that with the start of a new Master’s degree in Social work (MSW) in January 2014, the registrar has designed a schedule of five eight-week terms, two in the fall, two in the spring and one in the summer.  Other departments are now considering similar programs.  The Registrar, Kathie Forbes has proposed a schedule that is flexible enough to provide shorter and longer courses but will avoid serious interference with such matters as financial aid and reporting of student enrollments to the Federal Government.  The Committee thinks the proposed eight-week-term schedule is reasonable and practicable.  A new program, if it cannot work out its conflicts with the Registrar, could petition the Senate for a waiver.  The already existing Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), with a different schedule, should be “grandfathered” in, that is, it may continue under its present calendar, but we invite it to consider the new schedule and see to what extent it can readily accommodate it.  We note that this new schedule applies only to on-line Master’s programs, not to individual on-line courses, which will ordinarily conform to the existing semesters and J-term, though if an instructor wishes to conform to the new schedule, with the permission of his or her department, we see no obstacle.

5.  Senate action:  Motion passed with 27 ayes, 4 nays, and 3 abstentions

6.  Senate chair’s signature: Todd DeMitchell

Forwarded to: President Mark Huddleston, on October 2, 2013

                        Provost Lisa MacFarlane, on October 2, 2013

                        P.T. Vasudevan, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, on October 2, 2013

                        Kathie Forbes, Registrar, on October 2, 2013

                        All college deans, on October 2, 2013

                        All department chairs, on October 2, 2013


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