UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on library support


on Library Support


1.  Motion presenter:   Todd DeMitchell on behalf of the Agenda Committee

2.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:   4/15/2013

3.  Motion:  Whereas library resources are a central and crucial element in the teaching and research activities of a university; and whereas the Library of the University of New Hampshire has been subject to significant fiscal constraint for a number years, including (according to the report of the Library Committee of the Faculty Senate on February 25, 2013) flat funding of collection development since 2009, despite steadily rising costs; be it resolved that the Faculty Senate hereby expresses its concern over the fiscal condition of the UNH Libraries and urges the university to find ways to keep the library collections and data resources and library faculty and staff as strong and vital contributors to the academic mission of the university. 

4.  Senate action:  passed with twenty-five ayes, zero nays, and one abstention

5.  Senate chair’s signature:  Willem deVries

Forwarded to:  President Mark Huddleston, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to:  Provost John Aber, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to:  Lisa MacFarlane, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, on 4/30/2013

Forwarded to:  Annie Donahue, Interim Dean of the University Library, on 4/30/2013


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