UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on International Respect


1. Faculty Senate Committee: (from the floor)
2. Committee Chairperson: (none)
3. Date of Faculty Senate Discussion: September 24, 2001.
4. Motion:

University faculty value and respect the contributions of a diverse faculty and student body. In light of the September 11th attack on the United States, the senate affirms its support for the presence of international scholars on our campus. In particular, the Faculty Senate welcomes, among others, the presence and contributions of Arab and Muslim students and faculty.

The Faculty Senate condemns the attack on the United States and all acts of terrorism. We likewise condemn any effort to single out innocent Arabs or Muslim individuals for discrimination or blame, or efforts to equate Arab ethnicity or Islamic faith with terrorism.

5. Senate Action: passed unanimously on 9/24/01.

Chair's verification: Dan Reid on 9/25/01

Forwarded to: President Joan Leitzel on 9/26/01


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