UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on Revisions to the UNH Harassment Policy

Motion # IX-M4
Discriminatory Harassment Policy Revisions


1.  Sponsoring committee:  Professional Standards Committee

2.  Motion Presenter:  David Richman

3.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  October 11, 2004

4.  Motion:

Some revisions to the UNH Harassment Policy were submitted to the Faculty Senate last year and referred to the Professional Standards Committee for review.  The PSC considered the proposed revisions, made suggestions for modifications, and then voted unanimously to recommend that the Faculty Senate approve the latest draft.  The draft now under consideration includes new language on academic freedom and says that a support person may accompany both the complainant and the accused and that malicious complaints should incur the same penalties as those for reprisals.  David Richman, the PSC chair, moved on behalf of the PSC that the latest Discriminatory Harassment Policy revisions be approved by the senate.

5.  Senate Action:  passed, on October 11, 2004

Vote:  with seventeen ayes, six nays, and five abstentions

Senate Chair’s signature:  Mimi Becker

Forwarded to:  President Ann Hart, on October 26, 2004
Forwarded to:  Bruce Mallory, on October 26, 2004
Forwarded to:  Pat Gormley, on October 26, 2004
Forwarded to:  David Richman, on October 26, 2004

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