UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on General Education Study Committee Recommendations


1. Faculty Senate Committee: none
2. Motion presenter: Jim Farrell
3. Date of Faculty Senate discussion: April 22, 2002.
4. Motion:

The Faculty Senate commends the efforts of the senate's General Education Study Committee and supports the basic design of the program. The Faculty Senate recommends that no further action on the GESC report be taken until such time as a comprehensive plan for implementation of the program can be developed and approved by the Faculty Senate. That plan should include but not be limited to a proposal for addressing problems that arise in academic programs where, because of accreditation requirements and other academic constraints, there are few options for students to do additional general education course work outside the major.

The implementation plan should also include a commitment from the university administration for resources adequate to implement the proposed general education changes. Those resources should include, but are not limited to, new faculty positions in departments where current resource limitations, high student enrollment, high student/faculty ratios, and other factors would create significant obstacles to implementing certain features of the proposed general education program.

The implementation plan should also address potential conflicts between the proposed general education program and the competition for resources inherent in the RCM budgetary model. The implementation plan should be drafted by a Faculty Senate ad-hoc committee, working in conjunction with the University Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee (UCAPC) and appropriate university administrators.

5. Senate action: passed 4/22/02, with 17 ayes and 7 nays
Chair's verification: R. Dan Reid on 5/1/02
Forwarded to: President Joan Leitzel on 5/2/02
Forwarded to: Provost David Hiley on 5/2/02
Forwarded to: GESC Chair John Seavey on 5/2/02


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