UNH Faculty Senate

Motion on the Faculty Referendum

UNH Faculty Senate

Motion # IX-M16

Faculty Referendum


1.  Sponsoring committee:  Ad-hoc Committee on Article 3

2.  Motion presenter:  Terry Savage

3.  Date of Faculty Senate discussion:  April 18, 2005

4.  Motion: 

To delete the current Article 3 of the Constitution of the University of New Hampshire Faculty Senate (“Referral of fundamental issues to the faculty”) and to replace said section with the following:

3. Faculty referendum on senate actions.  Any motion or resolution acted upon by the Faculty Senate is subject to a referendum by the faculty of the University of New Hampshire.  Any issue may go to referendum upon petition of at least twenty percent of the tenure-track faculty, provided that such petition is made within 45 days of the senate action in question (excluding vacations).  The petition shall be delivered to the chair of the senate.  The senate chair shall cause transcripts of all relevant senate discussion of the issue to be distributed to all faculty.  The chair will arrange for a vote of the faculty by ballot.  Faculty members will have not less than two weeks and not more than four weeks to consider the issue and complete ballots.  The majority vote shall be binding provided that at least fifty percent of the faculty submit ballots.  In the event of a participation rate of less than fifty percent or a tie vote, the original senate action shall stand.

5.  Rationale:

The committee was charged with reviewing Article 3 of the Constitution of the UNH Faculty Senate and has tried to craft a proposal that (1) clarifies the role of the senate as a representative body empowered to act on all matters within the faculty’s purview, (2) provides the faculty at large with a practical means of exercising its right to override the resolutions and motions of the senate, and (3) provides reasonable protection from abuses that could undermine the normal operations of the senate.

6.  Senate action:  passed, on April 18, 2005

Vote:  unanimous

Senate chair’s signature:  Mimi L. Becker

Forwarded to:  President Ann Hart, May 17, 2005

Forwarded to:  Bruce Mallory, on May 17, 2005

Forwarded to:  Terry Savage, on May 17, 2005

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